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22 Aug 2023 -
New Open Server Global 13.20  

New Open Server Global 13.20


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Most powerful guilds

Ward of Kings

35 kills


30 kills

Never Surrender

14 kills


9 kills

Many Faces

7 kills
22.8.2023 -
New Open Server

New Open Server


It is an honor and an indescribable thrill to welcome you to the grand opening of our OtServer Solera version 13.20 server, set to take place on the first of September. We are delighted that you have chosen to embark on this new and exciting journey in the world of Tibia.

19.6.2023 -



Grand Sanguine Battleaxe.gifGrand Sanguine Blade.gifGrand Sanguine Bludgeon.gifGrand Sanguine Crossbow.gif  Grand Sanguine Bow.gifGrand Sanguine Rod.gifGrand Sanguine Coil.gif Grand Sanguine Cudgel.gif Grand Sanguine Hatchet.gif Grand Sanguine Razor.gif

New Mounts y Outfits



Cliente 13.20

New Resources

New Creatures | Hunting Locations


Rotten Blood;

Jaded Roots;



Gloom Pillars;

Darklight Core;

Oskayaat: Murky Caverns, Oskayaat Undercity


The winter update from last year introduced the Wheel of Destiny, a feature that provided significant options for customizing your character's vocation. To offer even more convenience during your in-game experience, we are pleased to announce two helpful enhancements that will soon be available in your arsenal. The Wheel of Destiny presets and the planner are designed to make your time in the game more enjoyable and optimized. And of course, more successful.

Let's begin with the Presets: This functionality has been created for players who have reached level 50 and possess a premium account. It allows for seamless switching between various Wheel of Destiny configurations while you're in the temple before joining battles.

By allowing you to quickly adapt to various situations, it can enhance your strategic potential and maximize the efficiency of your preparation. The presets can also be easily imported and exported. This means you can share your configurations with friends or transfer them to a different character.

Our second new feature is found on the Tibia website: The Wheel of Destiny Planner, a convenient tool designed to help you customize your character's preset to your liking. This tool allows you to select a vocation and distribute points freely to see where they will take you.

The planner also displays how many promotion points are required for your current specification, making planning and preparation for the future easier. Of course, you'll also be able to import and export your configurations in the game quickly.




Creature of the Day Boss of the Day Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Level: 1111
Level: 1023
Level: 986
Level: 962
Raulito Bonito
Level: 948